Saturday, July 08, 2017

bball .17

We had three basketball players this season!  Despite some massive snow during the season and some snowed out games Isaac, Delia, and Miles all had great seasons.  Matt played the role of super dad/coach and coached all three teams.  All three of them scored at least once during the season and Avika and I did a lot of cheering from the sidelines!
 Miles's first season- he did really well.  My sports photography could use some work.  Someday I'm gonna get this right!
Delia played through a fair amount of pain in her feet, but never asked to be taken out of a game.  Her skills are improving.
Looks like Isaac might be playing forward from here on out.  Another great season for him, working on confidence on the court.

Thursday, July 06, 2017


Some random pictures from this past winter/spring...

Miles and I are on the way to Dgo Nature Studies here...

 Crazy hair day at school...

 Miles' 100 Day project...

Out of this world hair for Snowdown this year...

Bat girls or kitty cats, I'm not sure which...


On Christmas we got a bunch of snow again, enough to go sledding at the park down the street.  Best way to spend the afternoon.

Avika is pretty miserable in the cold, but the girl LOVES sledding, think she's got a bit of thrill seeker in her.

christmas .16

Christmas Day 2016 Lots of fun, Legos, Pokémon, a balance beam, new cameras, family and snow!

All the waiting

Getting ready for Christmas this last year.  Decorating the tree, etc.

Winter Concerts

Delia's holiday concert from third grade. She was amazing!! Lovely singing, played the ukulele and the xylophone!

Here's Miles before his winter concert.  I didn't end up with any good pictures from the concert itself (curses! elementary school cafeteria lighting!)  It's very strange to see him in jeans and a nice shirt, he hates wearing these clothes.  His concert was great, he has a wonderful singing voice as well!