Thursday, July 17, 2014

Three on a Skateboard

Appearing in the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo: three person street luge/longboard bobsled.  These guys are going for a gold medal.


Take Me Out to the Ballgame

This is a pitcher, not a belly-itcher.
Knocking out a homer...
Matt just finished up another softball season with the Steaming Armadillos.  Still loving playing with these guys, wishing they won more games, but truly enjoying relationships formed on the team.  Go Armadillos!!

Weolcome Home Mommy!

I got a wonderful surprise coming home from trip last weekend!

Yes, the spelling needs a little work, but Matt said they did it all on their own.  It pretty much made me the happiest mom ever.  I had a really really great trip- I got lots of time alone (this really never happens for me so I am always in need of it!), spent time with dear friends I haven't seen in much too long, did some reminiscing in Boulder about my CU days, and went to a college reunion.  It was so much fun to see and catch up with roommates, neighbors, and friends from CU- I'm very grateful to have been part of such a great group of people during my college days.  A giant thanks to Matt for allowing me to indulge while he took care of everything at home.  I couldn't wait to get home to these monkeys, though!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Camping with the Webers

Another thing Matt did while I was gone?  He took the kids camping!  Sounds brave, doesn't it? (and a little crazy.)  Thankfully he went with some friends of ours who helped him out.  The kids had the best time ever apparently.  Miles caught his first fish and Delia "slept over" with her friend C in her tent.  So much fun!

Hiking with Pop

Last week I got to take a trip solo so Matt was tasked with entertaining these monkeys while I was gone.  First up was hiking- something fun that I never do with the kids!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Father's Day '14

Father's Day mini golf fun from this year...





Wednesday, June 11, 2014

American Ninja Warriors

We went to Big Bounce last week to kick off our summer.  Isaac and Delia played "American Ninja Warrior" the whole time.  I think it's only a matter of time before the kids are asking Matt to build a warped wall in the back yard.

spring soccer 14

Another great soccer season- we are sad to see some of our fellow soccer families move away from Durango this year.  The kids love playing with their teammates, and we have loved spending time with their families. 

Monday, June 09, 2014

Mother's Day Program

One of my favorite things at the kids' pre-school every year is the Mother's Day program.  It always melts my heart!  Miles is always so happy to perform with Miss Melanie- he just had the best time singing.  (Please ignore the unfortunate haircut Miles has in these pictures.  Someday I will get good at giving the boys haircuts!)

Poetry Reading

Here is Isaac sharing some of his writing during the 2nd grade poetry reading this year.  He's not really one to get up in front of people and does not enjoy having a lot of attention, so I was really proud of him!  His poem was amazing, too, especially since he really dislikes writing.  So proud of him!
** He's wearing his Grandpa Robb's hat from Vietnam.  It's his new favorite hat that he wears everywhere!

Daddy Daughter Dance '14

This year's Daddy Daughter Dance picture.  Delia looks forward to this night ALL year.  There was a photographer from the Durango Herald there this year, and a picture of Delia made the paper!  After seeing it she said, "I wanted to be famous when I grow up, but I'm famous now!"

Random Pics from Spring 2014

Can you tell I finally figured out how to get pictures from my phone onto our blog?  Here are some random picts from the last several months.
I think Miles was sick in these shots.  I can't think of why else the cat would be sitting next to him allowing him to do this.

Because he's older than seven, Isaac had to write a letter to the judge in India saying why he wants us to adopt Avika.  I was so impressed with his letter and how quickly he got it done so we could send in the paperwork.  This one's going in Avika's book!

I think this is in Albuquerque during Spring Break...

Downtown Durango running errands with the boys...

Ice Skating

Another thing to finally cross of the list this past winter- ice skating!  Delia especially loved it.  She even got to wear Aunt Emmy's old skates.  It was hard with all three kids because they each needed to skate one-on-one with a parent, but they all had a great time. 

Old Stomping Grounds

This past winter we finally took the kids to a basketball game at my high school.  Miles and Delia were less than impressed, but I think Isaac had fun.  Once he figured out he could tune me out every time I said, "Twenty years ago when Mommy was in school here..." I think he really enjoyed the game.  It's hard to believe it's been twenty years since I watched a game there!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


All of my kids are represented in this picture.  Delia, Miles, Isaac, and ... Avika!
After two and a half years we are finally on the brink of bringing our daughter, Avika, home from New Delhi,
We got news this week that we received the written papers from court meaning Avika is legally, officially a Bong.  We are waiting for her passport to be processed, and then Matt and I will jump on a plane to go meet her and bring her home!
The process has felt long and been frustrating at times but entirely worth it to bring our little girl home.  I don't doubt that all of our real adventures, both joyful and challenging,  lie ahead.  I am waiting to post pictures of her until we get her home and will share more of our process, too.  I haven't chronicled our adoption on this blog in an effort to respect Avika's privacy, but would love to answer any questions you might have about our journey. 

Isaac, Delia, and Miles are thrilled to have a new sister and can't wait to meet her.  We start so many conversations with, "When Avika comes home...".  They are all a little sad they won't be travelling to pick her up, especially Delia, but we hope that some day all six of us will travel to India together!

 It feels a little surreal to finally be introducing our new addition to the world.  Sometimes it felt like this time would never come.  Can't wait to show you all about our Indian adventures and have you "meet" our daughter when she comes home!

Monday, April 21, 2014

B-ball '14

Isaac played basketball again this year and, of course, Matt coached the team.  "The Nuggets" did really well, and it was awesome to see how much Isaac had improved from his first year.  He even scored a basket!  So proud of our little guy!