Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Avika at Eleven Months

Avika has been home with us eleven months!  She is so snugly and loves to cuddle.  She especially loves when we take selfies snuggling up in bed or on the couch...

The girl's got plenty of attitude!  I think she was mad that the ice cream was all gone here.

Avika is riding her scooter!  She is trying to keep up with all the kids in the neighborhood on their bikes and scooters, but I make her stay in front of our house.

Drawing with chalk in the driveway with Delia.

She loves to dress up goofy and loves her dolls and stuffed animals.

Delia made this musical instrument for her one day.  She played it forever and "sang" along.  Loudly.  She is so expressive, even without talking much yet.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ridin' Bikes

Look who else is riding his bike?  Miles is off training wheels and riding by himself! 

Six on the 4th

We celebrated the 4th of July as a family of six for the first time!  Sporting our red, white and blue at the Rotary pancake breakfast (Thanks Grandpa!)
Grilled out in our lovely looking backyard for dinner.
Our beautiful Indian AMERICAN!  So many freedoms to enjoy, so thankful to have her home.
Red, white and blue brothers.

Fun with glow sticks while waiting for the fireworks.  No worries about fireworks being canceled due to drought conditions this year, we watched the show sitting in cars while it was raining cats and dogs.  I'm guessing that's a first for the 4th of July in Durango!


Thursday, July 09, 2015

Mojo Corndog

We said goodbye to our dog, Mojo Corndog, last week.  While he will not be missed by the people he bit, the cats he mauled, and the dogs he attacked, we loved him dearly (yes, even me despite all the barking and inescapable dog hair!)  Deciding it was time to put him down was unbelievably hard for us, the three oldest kids were heartbroken to say goodbye.  He was a good dog to us and had a good life in the Bong Family.  He is missed!
Our first picture of Mojo, we were newly married without kids living in the first house we bought.
 Mojo at the ready- he kept us safe from all threats, both real and imagined. He was our SuperDog, ready to save the day when we needed him. 
This was from Christmas last year- Mojo getting a treat left in his stocking.

 Mojo and Miles posing for pictures for Miles' special board at school.  Mojo was so good with the kids and loved them so much.

We love you Mojo!

Keepin' Cool

The kids also had fun cooling off in the backyard on Father's Day weekend.  Running through sprinklers...
Relaxing in the shade...
We found the slip-n-slide in the garage!
Pop had to show them how to do it

Father's Day Mini Golf

Annual mini-golf outing for Father's Day this year.  Avika has a way to go as far as golf etiquette is concerned- she loved to pick up everyone's ball and throw it in the hole.  What a helper! Delia's allergies were so bad I ended up taking the girls in half way through.  We all got to spend time with Pop, though, and celebrate what a great dad he is to these crazy kids!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Avika at Ten Months

This little monkey has been home ten months!
Not a lot of new things to report.  We are enjoying summer, trying to stay cool and entertained.  The heat and the sun don't seem to affect Avika, which doesn't surprise me one bit.  New Delhi is probably not the hottest place on the planet, but it sure felt that way when we were there, so she manages the heat very well.  She is great at entertaining herself getting into trouble every single second of every day.  I'd love to say that she is so cute that all of her mischief just makes us laugh, but that's not the case!  It's especially hard since some recent health issues have left me really fatigued and it's hard to keep up with her.  I remind myself daily that three-year-olds grow into four-year-olds and that this is (hopefully!) a phase.  This is her I-am-not-amused face when mommy is disciplining her...
Showing off her dress!  At least she let's me dress her in whatever I like.  We are working on her dressing/undressing on her own and potty training.  It is slow going but she really loves learning new things. 

Playing in the sprinkler in the front yard.  The kids filled up the winter sleds to make mini splash pools.  Avika loves to get wet!

 Jumping on the trampoline- a favorite!  Avika loves being outside at all times.  Coming inside always results in a major fit- fortunately we have had beautiful weather lately and the kids have been playing outside a lot.

She is growing so fast!  Love this beautiful smile!

Friday, June 05, 2015

Last Day of School '15

School's out for summer!  Isaac and Delia finished up this week and Miles finished a couple of weeks ago.  The kids are thrilled (can you tell?) - I am scared and a little excited to have the whole summer together.

Miles Kindergarten Grad

We finished up our seventh year at New Horizons as Miles "graduated" from kindergarten.  What a handsome grad!