Friday, September 18, 2015

Avika's First Day of Preschool

Avika started preschool last week!!  We are so excited to have her at New Horizons where the rest of the kids went (me too!  A long, long time ago...)

Walking to school with Dada!

Posing in front of the school-I was having issues with sunlight and shade :(

Putting her backpack away in her cubby...

Avika wore the same dress Delia wore on her first day at NH.  My mom made this dress for me on my first day at NH (thirty...something years ago!)

Playing in the sand table- definitely a favorite so far.

Sliding and having fun at the end of the school day.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Miles' Minion Party

My favorite minion.  Miles requested a minion party for his fifth birthday.

Kevin the piƱata...

Opening presents...
Cupcakes, candles, and singing...


At school celebrating with muffins and his classmates.

Miles at Five

 Miles is five!!

This five year old's favorites and facts:
song: "We're Not Gonna Take It"- Twisted Sister (runner up: "Uptown Funk"- Bruno Mars)
color: silver
TV show: Paw Patrol
food: pizza!
movie: Minions
toy: Grave Digger monster truck
book: the one about monster tucks and cars
sport: football
tech game: Angry Birds Rio
fav thing to do at school: play with magnets
fav thing to do outside: ride my bike
fav thing to do at home: play Legos with Isaac
when I grow up I want to be: a football player
the super power I want is: laser eyes, Iron Man's powers
if I could go anywhere I'd go to: Washington D.C.
now that I'm five I can: go just fast uphill on my bike!

I love seeing all my kids grow up and mature into big people, but Miles is the hardest for me to see age.  He is my baby!!  He is fun and funny, and it's incredibly enjoyable to spend time with him.  I miss him while he's in school all day.  He is usually very agreeable and all his siblings love to play with him.  He is happy playing sports, riding bikes, or creating with Legos with Isaac, and he loves to do art projects with Delia.  He's very sweet with Avika (when she is being sweet with him) and looks after her when it's just the two of them.  He is bright and is doing well in school, I think he will be an early reader like his brother.  He is tough, persistent, patient, and loves to make us laugh!  Our hearts are full of love for you sweet Miles Moses!  Happy Birthday!!


Monday, September 07, 2015

Down to the River

We took a walk along the river trail that runs through town this weekend.  This has pretty much become an annual end-of-summer event for us.  No one got run over by a bicycle, accosted by a homeless person, or fell off a bridge = successful Bong family outing!
Practicing Ninja Warrior moves on the rocks at Rotary Park...

Fun on the swings by the skate park...

The Animas doesn't look normal to me, but the gross yellow color from the mine spill earlier this summer has long since dissipated.  We had fun on our river walk!

I Ride My Bike

My boys off on a bike ride this weekend. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Back to School, Ring the Bell

My three big kids off to school this week!  Delia is in second grade, Miles is in kindergarten, and Isaac is in fourth grade.  They all have great teachers this year, all having a great first week.


 Last weekend was Matt's 20 year high school reunion, so we loaded everyone up for a little trip to Monument.  We cut things pretty close getting home the afternoon before school started- we won't do that again!!  But it was a great trip- we got to see a bunch of old friends that we really miss and had fun in Denver, Monument, and the Springs!
For the reunion we took a tour of Matt's high school and were finally able to visit his dad's memorial stone.  It's located up above the stadium at the high school where Robb coached track for many years.  

It was really sunny, hot, and windy so the kids look less than thrilled in the pictures, but they all loved seeing where Pop and Grandpa Robb spent time together!
Isaac asked to see Mile High Stadium while we were up in Denver.  We stopped briefly and all he saw was the parking lot and the team store, but now he can tell everyone he's been to Mile High!

Check out this awesome park the kids went to with Pop and Grandma!
Fun bowling at Bass Pro.

On the way there Avika threw up in the car.  A LOT.  Looks like she is a car sick kid, especially on winding mountain roads (so the whole trip from Durango to Monument.)  Thank God for Dramamine- here she is on the way back.  She didn't get sick once!